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accu-automation corp. specializes in electronics contract manufacturing. accu-automation corp. also designs and manufactures automated control systems as well as providing services for design, software and manufacture of electronics / mechanical assemblies.

  • Quality Assurance - ISO 9001:2015
  • Registered IPC member
  • SMTA member
  • Controlled Goods Program (CGP) registration

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Founded in 1991, accu-automation corp. has many years of combined experience working in research and development, software and hardware design, and printed circuit board assembly.

accu-automation corp. strives to be the leader in contract manufacturing of PCB assemblies by maintaining up to date certifications, standards, and strict quality assurance.

Who We Are

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, approximately one hour west of Toronto, an experienced and professional staff of software programmers, electrical and mechanical engineers, manufacturing and assembly technicians are committed to creating strong customer-supplier relationships along with quality products.

A new, modern facility houses an engineering and research area with the most up to date computer equipment, software development tools, and technical library. The manufacturing area has the latest SMT production, automated inspection and assembly equipment.

Services and Capabilities

Some of the services we have to offer

Production and Assembly

accu-automation corp. deploys a full range of state-of-the-art surface mount equipment for low volume prototype assemblies to medium volume electronics manufacturing.

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accu-automation corp. has acquired the latest SMT, THT and inspection equipment to keep up with the fine pitch high lead count integrated circuit packages keeping in mind the Six Sigma quality initiatives underway.

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Design and Development

accu-automation corp. provides product development services for electronics design, mechanical design, software and firmware development with vertical integration for customer specific solutions.

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Production and Assembly

accu-automation is a ISO 9001:2015 certified turnkey electronics manufacturer providing high mix, low to medium volume production. We offer a full range of services which includes:

  • High Speed automated inline surface mount and through hole assembly with Automatic optical inspection(AOI) and X-Ray inspection
  • Schematic and PCB design services using Zuken Cadstar
  • New Product Introduction (NPI) services using customized support for all types of board assemblies
  • Flex and rigid flex manufacturing on various finishes
  • Assembly of complex SMT packages, including 0.2mm pitch WLCSP, µBGA, 01005, etc.
  • Oblique x-ray inspection for statistical process control analysis
  • Acceptance criteria: IPC-610-D Statistical Process Control for improvement
  • Design for manufacture is a method we use to provide intelligent performance management & predictive monitoring to give feedback to lower the product cost and create an efficient product
  • Low to high complexity integration services for programming and test of completed product
  • Design custom mechanical systems using Solidworks
  • Active members of IPC and SMTA organizations

Machine Capabilities

  • Modular inline pick and place machines capable of mounting at 40,000CPH. Absolute accuracy of +/- 0.05mm with capability of handling 01005 and 0.15mm pitch parts.
  • High speed Screen Printer machine with impeccable precision using 3S head that automatically adjusts squeegee angles (with 1 degree interval) between 45 and 65 degrees with Wet Print accuracy (6 σ): +/- 25 μm. Built in 2D inspection system for monitoring fine pitch paste consistency. Closed-loop feedback from inline SPI.
  • Reflow oven with efficient heat transfer from extra high volume, high-velocity heating modules, producing heater module response of less than one second to temperature changes of less than 0.1ºC, thereby maintaining profile integrity for heavy board loads. Reflow Oven produces belt speeds up to 1.4m/min to accommodate the fastest pick and place systems and deliver the highest levels of repeatability with the lowest delta Ts. Software for process control of Oven CpK, to Process CpK and Product Traceability. 9-Top and 9-Bottom heated zones, which is a Industry leading standard.
  • Dual nozzle Selective Soldering System capable of handling 18“ x 18” PCB size. XY servo axis system with tilting carrier (0° or 7° degrees soldering) to move the PCB and z servo axis for lifting the solder pot/nozzles and the mini wave. Automatic Fiducial correction is a inbuilt feature.
  • Automatic wave solder system with cutting-edge technology has self-contained fluxing, preheating and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules.
  • High end Hybrid Automatic inspection system (AOI) Performs 2 Dimensional inspections, 3 Dimensional inspections, and 4-direction oblique image inspections all in one unit. 7µm resolution for inspecting the finest of lead pitches.
  • X-ray machine with 90KV 5μm X-ray tube, image intensifier designed to provide high resolution x-ray imaging. Motion controls include: ±60° tilt motion, X/Y table motion plus Z axis tube and detector movement.
  • 3D Printer with fine layer resolution allowing you to print more detail and is the best in-class footprint to printing tray ratio on the market.

Design and Development

accu-automation corp. is IPC CID+ (Certified Interconnect Designer-Advanced) registered. Our PCB/electrical design services encompass analog and digital technologies, high speed signal processing, embedded design, FPGA logic and PCB layout using the latest development tools. Our experience allows us to manage projects resulting in accelerated product development.

Using the latest and most up to date 3D computer aided design software such as SolidWorks, we are able to design, manufacture and produce a vast array of mechanical assemblies and components. We have expertise in designing and creating custom enclosures for PCB assemblies utilizing different resin injection materials. Whether it's low volume/rapid prototyping, or large volume production runs, we provide a complete solution from start to finish for our customers.

accu-automation corp. can design and provide full test platform jigs for large volume production runs. The test platforms can significantly cut down on initial test and programming times of manufactured PCB assemblies, resulting in significant cost savings.

Why Us

6 reasons why we are the right choice


accu-automation corp. provides customers with competitive turnaround times for new products (prototypes) and standard products.


An ISO 9001:2015 certified organization providing world class quality to customers.


Trained and experienced workers for surface mount & through hole processing on single & double- sided printed circuit boards.


Systems in place to securely safeguard customer information and knowledge.


Our state-of-the art equipment and strict quality checks ensure customers receive reliable products.


We offer competitive pricing and work with customers to achieve cost reductions.

Join Our Team!

accu-automation corp. is looking for talented and energetic people to join our growing team. With a rapidly changing technology landscape, accu-automation corp. strives to stay ahead of the curve with the latest technology, knowledge and personnel.

If you want to be part of our exciting team, send your resume and we look forward to hearing from you!

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